Health Professions Learning Community: Senior Spotlight

“The Health Professions Learning Community provided a strong foundation that allowed me to excel in all my endeavors throughout my undergraduate career.”

Roei Golan was accepted into the Health Professions Learning Community (HPLC) at Reynolds Hall in 2014 and has excelled as a student at Florida State University ever since. As an alumnus of HPLC, Golan credits his first-year experiences in the program for much of his success at FSU and beyond.

Roei Golan

“The HPLC provided a strong foundation that allowed me to excel in all my endeavors throughout my undergraduate career,” said Golan. “It allowed me to live and study with my like-minded peers, and led me to meet my current principal investigator, Dr. Arjmandi, with whom I’m completing an Honors in the Major thesis under. Freshman year can be tough, but I was fortunate to have the support from Ms. Garber and Dr. Sehgal throughout that year up until now.”
In May, Golan will graduate cum laude and earn a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (clinical professions major) with Honors in the Major (through the Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging). He is the clinical research coordinator at Balance Disorders Clinic in Tallahassee, as well as an emergency medical responder for the FSU Medical Response Unit. Roei attributes contacts he made during the HPLC coursework as being instrumental in obtaining both positions. He also gained experience as an intern with Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. in Haifa, Israel.
Golan has participated in several research projects, documented shadowing experiences and is a teaching assistant/tutor in the FSU College of Medicine and Department of Chemistry. He has also earned many certifications, awards, and has spent many hours volunteering with Big Bend Hospice, Special Olympics, Hall Council and the Center for Leadership and Social Change.
“Through programming and activities, we hope to inspire campus engagement, academic achievement and medical career development,” said Michele Garber, Associate Director of the Health Professions Learning Community. “Roei is a role model for students in the HPLC (and beyond) and it has been a pleasure to work with him!”

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