Ahmed Ismaeel is this years ISL Award Winner!

Ahmed IsmaeelOne of our NFES Doctoral Students has been awarded the Institute for Successful Longevity’s Esther & Del Grosser Scholarship. Click here for a link to the ISL article.

Congratulations Ahmed on your award!

Ahmed’s describes his current focus as investigating the mechanisms by which pathological changes in the blood vessels of peripheral artery disease (PAD) patients may cause muscle degeneration. PAD is a disease that is common in older adults, with a prevalence that rises to nearly 25% of adults 80 years and older in the U.S. Individuals with PAD are at a high risk for significant muscle loss, decreased physical function and independence, and an inability to perform activities of daily living, which can severely impact quality of life. Identifying the mechanisms and specific molecules involved that lead to muscle degeneration in PAD patients can be important in designing a treatment plan aimed at limiting loss of function. 

You can find his award winning research poster here!