NFES Master’s Student Laxmi Sharma Received FAFP Fall Scholarship

One of CHS best and brightest received a scholarship from the Florida Association for Food Protection. Laxmi Sharma is a Master’s student enrolled in the Nutrition & Food Sciences MS/Thesis program and she is part of the Graduate Student Advisory Council.
“On behalf of the Florida Association for Food Protection Board of Directors and all of our members, we would like to congratulate you as the recipient of the Fall 2020 Scholarship. Your enthusiasm and commitment to education makes you an ideal recipient of the FAFP Scholarship. Your current research on the development of novel methods to detect foodborne pathogens, identification of seafood species, and isolation of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains from retail food samples is valuable in food safety. We wish you the best of luck as you move forward with your studies and career and hope that you will continue to be part of the Florida Association for Food Protection.” -Lori Duckworth, Director
To learn more about the FAFP and available scholarships visit their website