Dr. Joe Grzywacz is Collaborating on the UN Commission for Social Development

Joe GrzywaczProfessor and Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies Dr. Joe Grzywacz will be among of a panel of experts working with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Family and the 59th session of the Commission for Social Development.
The priority theme will be “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all.”
The Commission will highlight the role of digital technologies in promoting social development and well-being for all, giving particular attention to disadvantaged, marginalized, or vulnerable groups and communities. It will conclude with recommendations on how countries can make further progress on these issues.
The Commission will host a High- level panel discussion on the priority theme, a Ministerial Forum, a Panel discussion on Emerging Issues, an Interactive dialogue with senior officials of the UN System, a Multi-stakeholder Forum, and a Civil Society Forum. https://www.un.org/development/desa/family/2021/01/28/59th-commission-for-social-development-8-17-february-2021/