Doctoral student Leila Khalili receives Esther & Del Grosser Scholarship

Neil Charness, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Successful Longevity, announced that Leila Khalili, nutrition and food science doctoral student, has been awarded the 2023 Institute for Successful Longevity’s Esther & Del Grosser Scholarship.

The scholarship provides $1,000 in support of student research.

The scholarship supports Khalili and her future research on mechanisms involved in aging-related cardiovascular disease, primarily with a focus on atherosclerosis and developing nutritional interventions to alleviate the progression of the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Khalili is working with Gloria Salazar, Ph.D., the Hazel K Stiebeling Associate Professor of Nutrition. Khalili’s future work as a research assistant focuses on nutritional interventions that will hopefully lead to discoveries that can impact patients by reducing the progression of cardiovascular disease. While pursuing her Ph.D., she plans to build upon her previous work by continuing to research dietary interventions in cardiovascular disease and focusing on the microbiome.