Frequently Asked Questions

Are services at CCFT confidential?

Yes, Florida has outstanding laws that assure confidentiality, privacy and privilege for mental health services. The staff at CCFT are trained to protect your rights as a consumer. Any research that is conducted at CCFT requires additional informed consent participation. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

How do I make an appointment?

Go to the Schedule Appointment page and complete the form, or call (850) 644-1588. Our experienced employees will gather basic information and an initial appointment will be scheduled when you complete the necessary paperwork before seeing a therapist.

“Please notify the office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Less than 24 hr notice/ same-day cancellation/no-show fee: full price of the session paid at the next appointment.”

How do I know which services are needed?

A decision about services is made in consultation with your therapist. This process is a team effort between you and your counselor.

What forms of payment are accepted at CCFT?

We only accept personal checks (made payable to Florida State University) or exact cash. Staff do not have the ability to make changes, so please bring the exact amount. The first session is $35, and additional sessions are based on a sliding scale. (View the fee scale pricing sheet)

Can you explain the Sliding Fee Scale?

FSU students pay a flat fee which we attempt to make as affordable as possible. All community residents pay an amount based on your family income. We require documentation of income to determine the amount. You will find that our rates are the most competitive in Tallahassee for quality care.

Does CCFT accept insurance?

No, we are currently unable to accept insurance. However, most of our payments are comparable to insurance co-pays.

Can I get premarital counseling that allows me a discount on the cost of my marriage license?

Yes, we are qualified to provide premarital counseling services which meet the State of Florida requirements. These sessions help you learn important tools for a successful relationship. There is a fee charged for premarital sessions; for more information please contact CCFT.

If I have parenting concerns, can CCFT help me and my family?

Yes, our therapists use an evidenced-based approach to teach parenting skills and provide parenting and family counseling for parents with children of any age.