A look back at 2017 | Dr. Gregory J. Harris

Many know Dr. Gregory J. Harris as the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, but his role extends well beyond addressing student issues in the College. He is also a faculty member in the Department of Family and Child Sciences and commits a great amount of effort toward improving the classroom experience.
Earlier this year, Dr. Harris was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Office of Critical Thinking Initiatives and ThinkFSU. The grant is funded through the “Faculty Fellows Program” and is aimed at using more critical thinking skills in curriculums. In doing this, Dr. Harris’ goal is to create a more engaging classroom experience for students.
Dr. Harris was also selected as one of 25 faculty and staff throughout the university for the Advance Leadership Development Program 2017-18 class. This training certificate program is designed to develop the skills of administrative and academic leaders, and promote growth for emerging ones. The select group began training this semester and will continue through April.
In addition to these achievements, this month will mark the publication of Dr. Harris’ edited textbook reader, “A Handbook on Aging: A Multidisciplinary Perspective with Critical Readings” as a supplemental tool for students to explore the complexities of today’s aging population.
In his dedication, Dr. Harris’ passion for educating on this subject is clear:

“This handbook is dedicated to my mother, Lorene Harris, who experienced loss of function during her illness and battle with breast cancer but had a supportive cast of family members who provided the needed and required care for her comfort. I wish to also dedicate this handbook to my students, who will soon age and better understand the experiences and challenges of aging. My teaching efforts are truly dedicated to their futures and interests in our aging society and world.”

We congratulate Dr. Harris on an accomplished year as a faculty member, colleague and leader in the College of Human Sciences at Florida State University.