FCS Professor Receives Prestigious Award

Family and Child Sciences professor Dr. Frank Fincham was recently selected as the recipient of the International Association for Relationship Research 2018 Distinguished Career Award.

The award recognizes those who have a full career of eminent, notable contributions to research and theory in relationship science. Its intended to acknowledge a long span of work that has enriched our understanding of personal relationships and contributed much to the field.
Candidates are nominated by peers. The IARR Awards Committee chooses one person biennially.
Dr. Fincham has amassed many contributions throughout his career. With over 420 publications listed by the American Physiological Association database, Dr. Fincham’s publication rate is 8 times greater than the average1. The impact of Dr. Fincham’s contributions, measuring both productivity and citations, is ranked second highest among all previous recipients of the IARR Distinguished Career Award.
The bulk of Dr. Fincham’s work is focused on relationships. His latest research uses integrated hemodynamic and cardiac functioning to understand the impact on health. Dr. Fincham’s areas of interest include:

  • Cognitive processes involved in conflict, forgiveness, and prayer in close relationships
  • Emerging adulthood, focusing particularly on school burnout, hooking up, and friends with benefits

Calculated using an average of 51 PsycINFO-indexed publications for psychologists at leading U.S. research universities with 31+ years of postdoctoral experience.