CHHS Graduate Orientation

This orientation is uniquely created for graduate students in the College of Health and Human Sciences. You will learn about academic expectations, campus and community resources. Whether you are attending a university in the U.S. for the first time or have attended FSU before, the graduate student experience is filled with challenges and rewards. We are here to support you during your journey to becoming a successful professional in your field of study.

The college orientation will be offered virtually as a self-paced online Canvas course. Your activated FSU ID will allow us to invite you to the Canvas orientation course. The course will open on November 28, 2022 and must be completed by December 9, 2022. Please allow yourself time to successfully complete all modules; total viewing time is a little over two (2) hours and this does not include the quizzes or assignments.

Tara Hartman

Academic Program Specialist
242N SAN

Preparing for the College Orientation

  • All Master’s and Doctoral Students admitted to the College of Health and Human Sciences for spring 2023 matriculation are required to successfully complete the orientation modules before they will be allowed to register for classes.
  • Find out more about Canvas, the FSU software that we deliver courses through.

Requisite Student Orientations

The college orientation is one of many orientations that will be required.  Please take a moment to view the “Start-Up Week” schedule.  We ask that you dress “business causal” for any in-person event.  Please note that the weather in Florida is variable and temperature inside buildings can fluctuate (we recommend you bring an umbrella and a sweater/light coat).

Information regarding all fall 2023 orientations for new CHHS Grad Students will be provided in July. Students are required to be present in Tallahassee the week before classes begin.

Department Orientation Contacts

MFT Graduate Program Director

Lenore McWey
210 SAN

mike headshot
NIP Graduate Program Director

Michael Ormsbee
430 SAN

mcui headshot
HDFS Graduate Program Director

Ming Cui
216 SAN