Prospective Interns

FSU does not participate in DICAS. However, we continue to participate in the D&D Digital matching program.

An option to consider:

Apply for admission to the graduate program first. Then, as a current graduate student, apply for the dietetic internship the following year.

1. Apply to FSU Graduate Program

Deadline: December 15

In order for your dietetic internship application to be considered, you must first be admitted to one of the eligible graduate programs offered by the Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology at Florida State University:

You can apply online through

Only complete applications will be reviewed. These programs admit in the fall (April 1 application deadline) and spring (October 1 application deadline) semesters. All application materials must be received by the deadlines posted.

In order to be considered for an assistantship, admissions applications should be completed earlier (February 1 for fall and July 1 for spring).

If applying for the Dietetic Internship to start in the fall semester, all admissions application materials must be received for the master’s program by December 15 in the preceding year.

2. Apply to the Dietetic Internship Program

Deadline: February 1st

The deadline is February 1st (of the spring semester that falls in the same calendar year as the first fall semester you intend to begin dietetics internship program).

Apply Here

Clinical Nutrition

Eight (8) weeks in specialized clinical facilities

Facilities include:
Metabolic Centers, Cancer Centers, Pediatric Hospitals, Eating Disorder Clinics, Dialysis Centers

Sports Nutrition

Eight (8) weeks specialized experience at a sports nutrition facility and an additional two (2) weeks of sports community nutrition.

Facilities include:
Professional Teams, Collegiate Teams, and Training Centers

Please note:

Students may not participate in more than one concentration.
Weeks are based on a 40 hour work week, if less than 40 hours are completed per week, additional days will be necessary to complete the required number of hours.

Students are also expected to participate in other professionally related activities during the academic year and are encouraged to participate in local, state, and national dietetic association activities. Service activities are highly recommended. Student membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is required.

Clinical and Food Service Management rotations are conducted in several facilities:

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Capital Regional Medical Center, and Archbold Hospital are within a 50-mile radius of Tallahassee. Many other practice sites are located around the state of Florida including Ft. Walton Beach, Panama City, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa.

Sports Nutrition Rotations are conducted at multiple facilities across the United States.

Completion Requirements

The following are required for graduation and completion of the internship:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum grade of B- in core nutrition courses
  • Grade of C or better in all other required courses and courses applied towards graduation
  • Completion of HUN 8945 – Supervised Practice with a grade of “S”
  • Attendance at all internship meetings
  • Completion of all other degree requirements

Failure to complete supervised practice experiences satisfactorily and/or class courses as evaluated by the course instructors, DI director, and appropriate preceptor(s) during the assigned time frames could result in the removal of a student from the internship.

Selection Procedure

Applicants are selected by a committee composed of the Internship Director, the Didactic Program in Dietetics Director, and Nutrition and Integrative Physiology faculty members who are registered dietitians (RD). Selection is based on the committee’s assessment of some or all of the following criteria, GPA, a letter of intent, previous work experience and letters of reference (as well as the possibility of phone or face-to-face interviews) are used by the committee to assess each applicant. This selection process also follows the rules governing the computer matching process used by AND in cooperation with D & D Digital Systems.

Note: Admission to the graduate program in the Department of NIP does not grant a student admission to the Dietetic Internship. Internship applications are reviewed by a department selection committee after admission to the graduate program in NIP. Internship appointments are awarded on a competitive basis through computer matching process used by AND in co-operation with D&D Digital Systems, Ames, IA annually during the Spring match.