“My research interest includes neural control of the circulation, vestibular control of sympathetic nerve activity, and autonomic and cardiovascular adjustments to physical and mental stress.”
Chet Ray, Ph.D.
“My research is primarily focused on understanding the effects of physical activity on the cardiovascular system and the microcirculation.”
Michael Delp, Ph.D.
“My research interests are proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques in rehabilitation; and static, semi-dynamic and dynamic balance training exercises in regaining balance and postural equilibrium.”
Michele Garber, MS, ATC, LAT
“I have a long-standing interest in understanding the molecular factors that contribute to changes in skeletal muscle mass and function during disease and non-diseased states.”
Bradley Gordon, Ph.D.
“My current research is to understand how oxidative stress contributes irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias) and contractility in various cardiac diseases (myocardial infarction, hypertension, diabetic cardiomyopathy).”
Hyun Seok Hwang, Ph.D.
“My primary research interests focus on the study of sarcopenia (i.e., age-related atrophy of skeletal muscle) and other neuromuscular changes related to aging, exercise, and physical function.”
Jeong-Su Kim, Ph.D.
“My research group focuses on the application of multiple-hurdle approaches for beef and produce safety.”
Prashant Singh, Ph.D.

Inspiring Curiosity

The College’s largest department consists of four innovative programs that analyze physical performance, health and wellness through a foundation in scientific research, technical knowledge and practical skill-building. Today’s growing attentiveness to healthy lifestyle habits has generated a greater demand for careers in these fields.



FSU is one of only 115 institutions classified as an “R1 Research University… (Highest research activity)” in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.



An interdisciplinary research environment enables shared learning between disciplines, faculty and cohorts. This entrepreneurial spirit within a single department inspires curiosity and optimizes performance.

Michael Ormsbee


An esteemed roster of faculty enables students an opportunity to study topics with professional researchers who share their interest.

The search for excellence.

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