College Leadership Council

The College Leadership Council is a group of undergraduate and graduate students within the College of Human Sciences. The council shall serve in an advisory and leadership capacity to act as an advocate and liaison between undergraduate students and the College; work with the College administration and Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) to provide a student-centered perspective in decision making and implementation of goals, projects, and initiatives. The College Leadership Council will also oversee beneficial programming for students to attempt to secure long term connections to the College of Human Sciences, encourage philanthropy, leadership and improve opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The CLC is a group of academically strong, motivated individuals who…

  • Serve as a direct link between the students, faculty, administration, and staff of the College of Human Sciences;
  • Oversee events for students to secure long term connections within the college;
  • Encourage leadership, professional growth, and scholastic opportunities; and promote giving back to the community and helping those in need.

We are a professional group of scholars that work as a liaison between the staff and students of the College of Human Sciences. Acceptance into CLC is given to those who are formally admitted into the college, in junior or senior level standing, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and have been approved through the application process.

Over the years, CLC has participated through:

  • Putting on a 5K that benefits Give Kids the World Foundation
  • Holding donation drives for Allen Community Outreach
  • Engaging in academic opportunities
  • Donating food to the Big Bend Homeless Coalition
  • Creating final exam study gatherings for students
  • Holding bake sales to raise funds for Kids Inc.
  • Attending the President’s Alumni Tailgate
  • Cooking and serving food at the International Coffee Hour

Current Officers:

President: Chelsea Payne
Vice President: Michelle White
Treasurer: Adrienne Seitz
Secretary: Anni Liu
Public Relations: Rachael Brooks
For more information, contact us at