Dean Delp and NASA Research Initiative

Dean Delp and NASA investigating effects of deep space radiation… Michael Delp.


“My study is looking at the more relevant parts of the cardiovascular system — the heart and the brain — and investigating how this type of deep space radiation exposure will affect these areas in the long term,” Delp said. “We’re also planning to test interventions that can be used to offset or eliminate some of those radiation effects.”

Florida State University researcher Michael Delp is part of a new team working to surmount this critical obstacle to human exploration of space. As part of a $17.7 million NASA research initiative, he and a group of scientists from around the country are set to explore questions of astronaut health and performance during extended missions outside of low-Earth orbit.
Delp, the Betty M. Watts Professor and dean of the College of Human Sciences, will examine the apparent link between deep space radiation exposure and cardiovascular disease and evaluate countermeasures that could help mitigate the harm radiation inflicts on the cardiovascular system.

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